Partnership and Investment Opportunity


Partnership Opportunity

With the pursuit of excellence and innovation in education,  Ewin International  is looking for creative individuals, inventors and innovative companies to partner and design one-of-a-kind educational products including learning softwares that positively impact the cognitive, social and emotional, and language development of children. We are looking for products that stimulate both the creativity and critical thinking skills of young children with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math. We are looking for products that both entertain and teach young children. If you are interested in joining our team of highly qualified professionals, please contact


Investment Opportunity

Ewin International  is openly seeking investors and qualified partners to expand Ewin Product lines, establish Ewin Academy and franchise the Ewin Dream Center internationally. Consistency and brand loyalty is essential to the Ewin International. We are looking for individuals or Foundations or Investment companies who share the same values, vision, and desire to prepare our children for the future today and transform our world through premier education.