Future of Learning

Ewin Dream Center has a one-of-a-kind custom designed curriculum created to develop our children’s intellect and creativity by using the latest technology to create an exceptional learning ecosystem. Based on best practices in early child development, our developmentally appropriate curriculum integrates the content areas of Math, Science, Engineering, Music, Social Studies, Social-Emotional Development, Language Arts, and Physical Development. 

The Ewin Dream Center curriculum is play and project based.  To help each child reach their full potential, it uses hands-on experiential learning, the multiple intelligence theory, and enriched academic programs.  It builds on child's natural curiosity, creativity and intellect using innovative and cutting-edge technology and teaching strategies. Our teachers are well trained and continue to receive ongoing professional development to provide our students with a premier education.

The Ewin curriculum is designed to engage the unique learning styles of each child, building a strong foundation for future success and creating future generations of creative critical thinkers and mathematical engineering mindset thinkers.