About Us

The Company


Ewin Innovative Education International (Ewin International) is in the business of innovating early childhood education by using the latest technologies to create an exceptional learning ecosystem.  Ewin International is a Nevada Corporation founded in 2011 by Yiwen Zhang and Dr. Lu, who are also the founders of Ewin Innovative Education Technology International (Beijing) Co., Ltd.  Our company provides a wide range of educational products and services designed to build a strong educational foundation for future generations of children. Our custom designed products and services are innovative and designed to help children develop creativity and intellect.  We provide an early childhood development curriculum, teacher training and certification, children's books publishing, Children's educational television and media broadcasting, merchandising, apps, games, and children’s entertainment. By pursuing excellence and innovation, we endeavor to strengthen our students’ educational foundation and life skills essential for their future success.



Our mission is to innovate early childhood education, enabling our children to reach their full potential.  We seek to cultivate our children's intellect, creativity and critical thinking skills to prepare them to be future global leaders and innovators.  



Our vision is to transform our world through premier education.  We desire to impact the global community by providing innovative and creative educational products and services to children.